• Attendees are welcome to invite friends/family but, will be responsible for their well-being and behavior.

  • Attendees under the age of 18 who are not affiliated with CUMC nor its ministries, will need to be accompanied by an adult or an affiliate of the church within the 13 – 18year age group.

  • Attendees under the age of 13 years, regardless of affiliation, need to be accompanied by an adult.

  • Due to the fact that attendees will be engaged in learning and playing a variety of games, neither the organizer(s), nor anyone assisting with the teaching of games, will be available to watch younger children. i.e. the event is not a daycare for parents to drop off their children. The rules for attendees under the age of 18 will therefore be strictly enforced. The primary concern, for the aforementioned rules being: legal liability while on the premises.

  • Attendees are to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner with regard to:

  1. Language is to remain respectful and clean. Besides the fact that the event will be held on church property, we are expecting that, at times, younger, more impressionable children will be at the event, and we ask that all attendees remain aware of this fact. Attendees found to be in violation after two (2) warnings, will be asked to leave the event and the premises.

  2. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and any attempt to harm other attendees, damage church property, or any of the available games, will result in the responsible party or parties being asked to leave the premises.

  3. We want attendees to have fun and to have the opportunity to play/learn games that they are unfamiliar with. In this regard, we ask that all attendees keep to the rules of each game. If anyone is found to be purposefully cheating they will receive a warning for the first two (2) offences, thereafter they will be asked to leave the event and premises upon a third violation.

  4. The church custodial staff work very hard to keep the building clean and in order. Therefore, we ask that all attendees clean up after themselves. Trash cans will be available in the gaming space (upper room), and we request that all attendees tidy their space before leaving the event.

  5. No alcoholic beverages, nor narcotics of any kind, will be permitted on the church premises. Intoxicated individuals will not be permitted onto the premises and attendees found to be intoxicated will be asked to leave the event and premises.

  6. Many of the available games are privately owned and can at times run into hundreds of dollars. In order to keep games in good condition, no food or open drink will be permitted on the gaming tables. Spill-proof drinking containers are advised in order for the flow of games to not be disturbed. We also request that all attendees practice proper hygiene before handling games.

  7. Please be respectful of other people. We have people from all walks of life attending, and while we like to have fun and a good laugh, we request that attendees make no disparaging or offensive remarks based on peoples; religion, dietary choices, playstyle, etc. Attendees in violation of this rule will be asked to leave after two (2) warnings, or will be asked to leave immediately based on severity of the offence.