Board Game and Social Club

Event Information

Date:   30 october 2021

Venue:Chinese United Methodist Church 

           69 Madison STr. Cnr Catherine STr.

           2nd floor (entrance on Catherine str.)

Time:   10am - 8 pm

Fee:     None

covid precautions: Masks not required. All attendees must be fully vaccinated with proof (nyc app, vax card, etc.). Photo ID required.

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It's a wonderful thing, being able to sit around a table with friends and new acquaintances, and get totally immersed in a game of strategy, adventure, and the odd bit of luck. I can honestly say that, in my humble opinion, nothing brings people together better than a board game. Whether the people around the table are experienced gamers or new to the hobby, the experience of testing your wit, with or against others, is an experience unlike any other.

For the longest time I've wanted to create an event where I could share my love of board games with a diverse group, while connecting with people in a meaningful way - opening them up to a social hobby that I've enjoyed for the better part of a decade. It's my belief that board games offer many educational and social benefits that a computer game just cannot, and I've fostered many a friendship with the roll of a dice, or with a swing of my character's sword that slays the monster we're facing.

I hope you'll join us and discover the sheer joy that I, and many like me, have discovered in mymany years of board gaming.

I hope you'll try something new and find a game that you'll be able to share with friends and family. That you'll be able to

connect with, and befriend someone across the table from you, and that lasting relationships will blossom. God Bless.

- Matthew Jones