Board Game and Social Club

Event Information

Date:   30 January 2021

Venue:Chinese United Methodist Church 

           69 Madison ST. Cnr Catherine ST.

           2nd floor

Time:   10am - 8 pm

Fee:     None

It's a wonderful thing, being able to sit around a table with friends and new acquaintances, and get totally immersed in a game of strategy, adventure, and the odd bit of luck. I can honestly say that, in my humble opinion, nothing brings people together better than a board game. Whether the people around the table are experienced gamers or new to the hobby, the experience of testing your wit, with or against others, is an experience unlike any other.

For the longest time I've wanted to create an event where I could share my love of board games with a diverse group, while connecting with people in a meaningful way - opening them up to a social hobby that I've enjoyed for the better part of a decade. It's my belief that board games offer many educational and social benefits that a computer game just cannot, and I've fostered many a friendship with the roll of a dice, or with a swing of my character's sword that slays the monster we're facing.

I hope you'll join us and discover the sheer joy

that I, and many like me, have discovered in my

many years of board gaming. I hope you'll try

something new and find a game that you'll be

able to share with friends and family. That you'll

be able to connect with, and befriend someone

across the table from you, and that lasting

relationships will blossom. God Bless.

- Matthew Jones


Compendium of Games

Browse and download a list of the games we have available in the...

Then my victory will be complete!

...Alas, it was not to be.

You should stop Rachel before she wins.

Games to look out for


Lead your civilization through the ages to victory!


1 - 5 players, ~1 - 2 hours. Civilization Builder.

Stonemaier Games is back with yet another title to entice. In tapestry you will lead your civilization from the stone age to the space age (hopefully), advancing in science, military, exploration and technology tracks in order to gain the most points by games end. Each player will begin the game with unique abilities based on the civilization you are randomly dealt. Build your city, conquer territory, win the game!

Matt's Favorites?


Vast: Crystal Caverns

I recently picked up a game that intrigued me as soon as I read about it (and then later watched a play through for). Vast is a completely asymmetric tile laying adventure game that plays 1-5, with each player controlling a different character/inanimate object. The playable roles are: Knight, Dragon, Goblins (plural), Thief, and Cave... yes, you read correctly. In this game one player can control the environment and is actively trying to collapse certain parts in order to trap everyone else inside... forever! Looking forward to getting this one to the table.

New to gaming? no problem


What's a good place to start?

This is probably the issue that keeps many people away from trying a game that they have never heard of before - being new and not knowing where to start. I'll admit that I've looked at some games and thought that I would never be able to get the hang of it, or that they seem too daunting to even attempt yet, every time I've been wrong and ended up falling in love with a new game or even a genre of game that I never really cared for (party games being my bane). So for those of you who are hesitant to attend, don't be. We have many seasoned gamers that will help you get started, and will know what games are perfect for your skill level.

RG now on Meetup.com


Open to the public

Righteousness Gaming was never intended to be an exclusive club, and it has been my hope - since it's inception - to open the event up to the public. In order to facilitate this, I had created a Meetup.com group, and to my delight we currently have about 200 members. This past Saturday we had our most successful event to date with 26 attendees! Fun was had by all and as always a huge "Thank you" to everyone who helped tidy up afterwards. I hope you had fantastic Christmas and New Years celebrations.